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An experienced businessman partnering with other businessmen for mutual success...
  • You'll receive practical, simple solutions that make sound business sense. That's because I have held extremely hands on senior intrapreneurial positions in medium size companies where I have gained cross-functional expertise. I currently own and run several highly successful entrepreneurial family owned and run businesses. I understand the risks of ownership, ROI and what it takes to make a payroll.
  • Will give you unparalleled dedication and honesty and guarantee that what I design will meet or exceed specifications.
  • I share your commitment to excellence and serving the customer. I have a deep belief and commitment to the idea that everything we think, say and do regarding business must ultimately be tied back to improving customer service and that not a dime should be spent on anything frivolous or for technology's sake alone.
  • I offer extremely competitive rates because I have very low overhead.

Software Development

Typical Engagements

  • NJN Consulting serves small to medium size manufacturing and service businesses.
    I solve problems...
    • Not addressed by packaged software.
    • Situations where software packages fail to provide the flexibility required to meet customers' needs and a rapidly changing business environment.
  • I provide turn-key solutions including internal processes, procedures, internal controls and documentation together with software and ongoing technical support.

Amplify the Strategic Advantages You Have as a Small Business and Offset Your Strategic Disadvantages

Strategic Advantages:

  • The ability to act rapidly and decisively to and ever-changing business environment because there's less corporate red tape and politics.
  • The ability to provide goods, services and supporting documentation tailored to the specific needs of customers.
  • The ability to deliver better and more personalized customer service.

Strategic Disadvantages:

  • Limited Working Capital
  • Limited Personnel Resources
  • Limited Experience

What I Do

I Can Help You Make Better Software Decisions

  • I can help you decide whether to go with a software package, write custom software, or a combination of both.
  • I won't sit there and proselytize about what you must do because you know your business better than I ever will. But I've been there and done that. If I think you're making a mistake I will respectfully belabor my point. That's because mistakes are costly. The 80/20 rule DOES NOT APPLY to systems. Never let the words "that doesn't happen very often" justify moving on to the next item. Many times a small matter can have a significant impact in running the business when they do arise and bring the machine to a grinding halt. Many times these small issues are the source of all the unofficial "skunkworks" systems pop up in a company over time and inevitably lead to wasted time, costly errors and poor customer service.
  • I'm not the typical consultant who borrows you watch to tell you what time it is. I'll get an understanding of the business from you and your key people. I'll then listen to the conversation. And if I think I have something worthwhile to contribute I'll speak up.
  • I also function differently than typical software salesman. I'm not there to sell you anything including any future consulting services. I'm there to help grow your business.

I Use Magic xpa Rapid Application Development

It's Incredibly Fast and Efficient

Programming in many commonly used languages can be tedious. Many times more time is spent getting the code to work than is spent on solving the problem. Magic xpa does the tedious work for you decimating development time. Here's an excerpt from the

Here's an excerpt from an article posted on The Magic Application Platform Blog on 7/26/13 by Glenn Johnson called "End Programming Nightmares: Event-Driven Programming with Magic xpa Application Platform"

The Magic xpa engine distinguishes the Magic xpa Application Platform from other approaches to application development and deployment. With pre-built capability to perform complex data manipulations that are transparent to the developer and end-user, the Magic xpa engine is key to the productivity and performance provide by Magic Software’s approach to application development and deployment.

The engine includes a set of operations for the developer’s use in creating applications. It also serves up a structure of execution steps called logic units, which work with the operations to perform tasks for the end-user. The developer doesn’t have to tell the Magic xpa Application Platform how-to do its job. The engine already knows how to perform such actions as opening files, reading records, sorting, displaying data on the screen, and more.

Contrast this with traditional 3GL and 4GL languages where the developer has to provide detailed instructions through program code to tell a program how-to implement each and every step, regardless of how tedious and repetitive they are. Programmers developing in Java, C# and other languages get very frustrated by the fact that they have to repeat programming done hundreds if not thousands of times before by others. Many throw up their hands on the whole process of programming and say “Been there, done that” while others almost seem to enjoy being slaves to their code. By contrast, Magic xpa saves the developer considerable amounts of time by supplying these built-in operations and execution steps.

Magic Makes Changes Quick & Easy

Commonly used modern object oriented software is very unforgiving. Things have to be thought out in minute detail because major... and even minor changes... are extremely time consuming and sometimes cost prohibitive. Often projects suffer paralysis by analysis. You already know that no matter how well you plan things come up. Problems and opportunities arise after coding has commenced and often far into the project. And many times... most times... companies "settle" for something that is less than ideal. In the worst scenarios, companies quickly invest so much capital in trying to get the software to work implementing the software becomes the primary goal of the company.

You don't have to "settle". Magic automatically handles changes in data types, objects and database definitions. Changes that could take weeks or months with most software languages can be handled in hours or minutes using Magic xpa.

Magic Makes Ongoing Changes Easy and Affordable

  • React to changing business requirements.
  • React to customers' special requests.
  • Implement continuous improvement by refining the code to help you run the business more efficiently and accurately.

Your Operations Will be More Accurate

That's because Magic makes building complex error detection and other artificial intelligence features simple and quick.

Spend Less Time Explaining What Needs to be Done

I have extensive experience developing software supporting financial and manufacturing operations in job shop, process and batch process manufacturing operations and well as many service related industries. No time is lost communicating the definition of terms or what needs to be done.

Less Disruption to Your Daily Routine

I will work around your schedule whenever possible.

You Will Not be Technologically Dependent on me.

I write clean, logical code with clearly named objects and variables and with copious in line documentation to make it easy for someone else to understand and modify.
Internet Symbol

Internet Marketing

I Own and Operate Successful Online Businesses Where I Employ the Techniques I'll Share With You

All of them have enjoyed consistent double digit growth rates as a result of countless hours of trial and error. I don't just talk about Internet Marketing... I literally eat, drink and sleep Internet Marketing. I understand both the frustrations and the successes of marketing on the Internet.

I do Not Make False Promises

There are a number of really bad Search Engine Optimization companies flooding the Internet and you Inbox that for just $75 they will guarantee the top position on Google. No... they can't. They can't make that promise for $750, $7,500 of $750,000. It depends on a multitude of factors some of which are totally out of your control.

What I can Promise You

  • I can improve your position in the search results. You really want to be in the top 10... and in most cases certainly no lower than the top 20. After talking you about your business I can review your website and tell you if I think it's possible and what I think it would take to get you there.
  • Your conversion rate will improve. Improved traffic is useless if it doesn't generate revenue.
  • You will have to do some modifications to your website. Just what you want to hear after spending $40,000 on a website... right? But that's just the way it is.

Improving Your Position in Search Results is a Process... Not a Project

It's true that search engines do change their algorithms. And when they do it can drastically affect your search position. But there are some lessons I've learned over the years that can minimize that impact. Focus on writing copy for your customers and not for the search engines. In the back of your head you still have to consider factors that drove search engine optimization in the past like key word density, key word proximity, linking and all the rest. But over time those considerations become almost automatic when writing copy without controlling what you write and how you write it. And if you write meaningful content that's useful to people the whole process of link building will take care of itself... naturally and over time the way it's supposed to work... and your PageRank will increase.

Development Time is Reduced

I have expertise in photography, graphics, video production, web marketing, web site development, web usability and search engine optimization and not dependent on other people to get things done.

I Can do as Much or as Little as You Want

There is no way I could have paid someone to do everything I've done to achieve success on the Internet. But I can tell you what to do and what I think you should do first. Take it a step at a time. Or I can do parts of it for you. But that way YOU control the cost and measure incremental success.

Schedule a Review of Your Website

It costs $200...
  • We'll discuss your business on the phone during which I'll ask you several questions that will help me evaluate your chances of success.
  • I'll do an quick evaluation of your website. And it won't be a review whereby I run a stock diagnostic program to spit out SEO statistics. It will be a strategic review to suggest steps that you need to take to achieve your goals.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction Guaranty - If you don't think the evaluation is worth $200 I'll refund your money.

"NO RISK ALTERNATIVE" I Will Run Your Internet Marketing on a Commission Basis

You have no up front money. You have no risk. I create your website and do whatever is necessary to grow your business. You pay me a commission based upon the revenue derived from selling your product or service on the Internet.

Magic xpa Logo
About Magic xpa

Magic xpa Features
  • High productivity platform for multiple applications types
  • Integrated studio with visual form editor and integrated team features
  • Multi - Platform server support (Windows, Solaris, AIX, Linux, IBM i)
  • Development of native mobile applications for multiple mobile platforms (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile)
  • Real-time, comprehensive integration with back-end systems
  • Support for Service Oriented Architecture(SOA)architectures
  • Comprehensive enterprise-grade security
Magic xpa Business Benefits
  • Superior application productivity
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Significantly faster time-to-market
  • Greater flexibility and responsiveness
  • Future-proof investment

If Magic xpa is so good, why isn't everyone using it?

I absolutely don't know and frankly find it "mind numbing".

  • "The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out." Dee Hock Founder of Visa
    I think that senior systems managers who have come up through the ranks of traditional object oriented programming languages simply have no way of comprehending and therefore believing the productivity and flexibility of Magic xpa. I think the cartoon below says it all...
Crazy Salesman Cartoon
  • "A new idea is delicate. It can be killed by a sneer or a yawn; it can be stabbed to death by a quip, and worried to death by a frown on the right man's brow." Charlie Brower
    Many senior IT managers are unwilling to consider any development platform that's not 100% Microsoft. This one is understandable because you know Microsoft will be around. Which begs another mind-numbing question..."Why in the world aren't Microsoft software development tools this easy to use?"

    Magic Software has been around for 30 years and it's growing.
  • Systems people are constantly looking to build their resumes. Attracting the best candidates therefore usually requires that traditional Microsoft products are being used. Becoming proficient in Magic is not a resume builder because in comparison so few businesses use Magic. This explains why typical systems types are never exposed to Magic.
    There is a counter to this problem. Magic is so easy to use that intrapreneurial types from other disciplines within the company can learn how to code in Magic and capable of producing code to solve their problems. Yes, you have to very careful and I'm sure most systems managers reading this are having a heart attack. But I've done this successfully. And their incentive and resume building come from solving problems within their areas of responsibility and not based upon the tools they used..
  • Systems managers are usually compensated predicated upon the size of their budget instead of the value of what they produce. Magic decimates the number of people required to support the software. Therefore there's a natural disincentive for some but not all systems managers to introduce Magic.
The bottom line is that the fact that your competitors are not using Magic xpa gives you an incredible strategic advantage. When the customer asks for something special let your competitor say no... you say yes. When it comes to fine tuning your software to improve your accuracy and improve customer service, let your competitors be the ones who are stuck in an inflexible environment unable to quickly respond to a changing environment.
Magic Software Enterprise has 30 years of experience with millions of installations worldwide.

About Actian PSQL Database Software

While Magic xpa can use almost all popular databases, I prefer to use Actian PSQL (Formerly called Pervasive PSQL). Here's why...


I've used it for over 20 years running my own businesses and it has been extremely reliable and stable.

It's Inexpensive to Purchase and Maintain

  • Actian PSQL has low licensing costs and is far less expensive than competing databases from Microsoft® and Oracle®.
  • It's fast and can accommodate large databases.
  • It automatically optimizes performance.
  • Robust and secure.
  • Requires limited systems resources.
  • Upgrades are quick and seamless and backwards compatible with prior versions.
  • Files can be backed up while files are in use.
  • You do not need a full time DBA freeing up $100M+ / year to constructively invest in growing you business.

Why don't more companies use Actian (Pervasive) PSQL

  • Microsoft SQL and Oracle can ultimately handle much larger databases. But I have used Pervasive over the years to handle larger databases with excellent and reliable results.
  • The argument is made that Pervasive databases need to be rebuilt more frequently than Microsoft SQL and Oracle. The rebuilding is not to repair errors but rather to shrink the size of the files. And it's quick. This is not an issue.
  • The Actian database is not as easy to integrate into data warehousing. While it depends on other software running in the company, data warehousing has never been a problem. The file locking strategies built into Magic xpa make file sharing easy and does not incumber accessing the data to extract reports.
  • My experience has been that the ease of use, the self-maintenance, backward compatibility and simple upgrades and low cost and the cost savings of not requiring a DBA more than offset any perceived problems. It's the perfect choice for a young, intrapreneurial company where capita is better spent supporting growth and efficiency.

Database Structures are Built and Modified Directly Through Magic xpa

This is not unique because all databases can be maintained through Magic xpa. But I can speak from experience when I say that there have been absolutely no problems using Actian (Pervasive) databases with Magic.

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About Us

Nolan J. Noecker
Education: BS Accounting Pennsylvania State University
MBA Finance Saint Joseph's University
Work Experience:
  • Price Coopers.
  • Middle and Upper Management positions including CFO, CIO,
    Assistant Controller in job shop, process and batch process manufacturing environments.
  • Currently own and operate this successful consulting business.
  • Own and operate several online stores.
  • Thorough, hands-on knowledge of all aspects of manufacturing
    and service businesses.
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Database Design
  • Internet Marketing
    • SEO
    • Web Copy
    • Website Design
    • Graphics Design
    • Photoshop
    • Photography
    • Video Production
    • Image Optimization
    • Server Caching

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